From our files: Cal and Hal Taggart born 100 years ago

100 years ago, Feb. 8, 1924
The Cowley Progress

Wednesday at 7:20 a.m. Mrs. Grant Taggart presented her liege lord with as fine a pair of twin boys as mortal eyes ever beheld. Grant was about town immediately after the interesting event happened congratulating himself and receiving the congratulations from his many friends. Mother and the boys (Hal and Cal) are doing very nicely. Grant says he has long wanted twin boys, and now that he has them he’s satisfied. He says that very few, apparently, know the trick.
75 years ago, Feb. 10, 1949
The Lovell Chronicle

Matt, Mrs. Cozzens and Solon had just stepped out of the office of the Byron Service Station when a gallon of high test white gas exploded. The gas flew over the interior of the office, igniting when it hit the hot stove and turning the whole room into a blazing inferno.
The explosion occurred about 3:34 Tuesday afternoon, and if it had happened five minutes before, both Mr. and Mrs. Cozzens and Solon would have been burned seriously, if they could have escaped with their lives, or if it had been 15 minutes later, chances are the office would have been filled with school children drinking pop.
50 years ago, Feb. 7, 1974
The Lovell Chronicle

“We can no longer sell water at half the rate it costs us to produce it,” Mayor Clarence Morrison said at Monday night’s council meeting, and announced that new rates were being studied. Morrison noted that it currently costs the town 31 cents to produce 1,000 gallons of treated water, and the town is selling it as low as 15 cents per 1,000 gallons.
25 years ago, Feb. 11, 1999
The Lovell Chronicle

Two programs were re-established at the Big Horn County School District No. 2 Board meeting Monday night. Superintendent Alice Jagiello reported that the Lovell Recreation District will sponsor a driver’s education program this summer. The program was not held last summer. The board approved re-establishing the summer school program at the elementary. Due to cutbacks from the Title One program last year the summer school program was cut.
10 years ago, Feb. 6, 2014
The Lovell Chronicle

Miller’s Fabrication of Lovell has added another service to the company’s diverse repertoire of industrial services with the recent purchase of Lovell Radiator from longtime owner and founder Phil Angell. Angell founded Lovell Radiator in 1994, operating the business from a shop at 1271 Road 11½ south of Lovell.
Miller’s acquired the business and equipment in December and has been integrating the service into the company’s sprawling complex a half mile east of Lovell.