From our files | Daisy Booth honored 50 years ago

100 years ago, Oct. 8, 1920

The Cowley Progress

Retail clothing prices are lower now than the cost of their manufacture, president of the National Association of Clothiers announced in an official statement given out in New York. Flour dropped another 50 cents a barrel at one of the large mills in Minneapolis last week. A cut of as much as 20 cents a bushel was made yesterday for wheat on the Portland grain exchange. This is the greatest individual decline ever noted in the history of the local market. 

75 years ago, Oct. 11, 1945

The Lovell Chronicle

The Burlington Railroad finds itself without enough cars to go around during this fall season and has advised local agent, Dick Mills, that no cattle cars for shipments are available at this time. This fall it will be necessary to schedule shipments well in advance in order to secure cars for cattle.

50 years ago, Oct. 8, 1970

The Lovell Chronicle

Daisy Booth will be honored this Sunday at an open house to celebrate her 90th birthday. Booth says, “I love life!” Booth came to Lovell on Easter Sunday of 1920. Born in South Africa, she spent her girlhood there and in England, where she worked at retouching photographs. She joined the LDS Church in 1910 and in 1911 her adventurous spirit brought her across the ocean. Becoming ill, she went to Toronto, Canada, where she lived with a sister for several years. After marriage, they went to Evanston, where daughter Hortense was born. From Evanston to Utah to Oregon, they finally came to Lovell. 

“I had been in Lovell only 48 hours when I was asked to lead the singing at Relief Society,” she recalls, and that began 28 years of service to her church in the way that she loved best, through music. She built the choir up to a polished group of 84 voices and served as chorister for Sunday School, Relief Society and Primary. 

In 1935, Mrs. Booth was recommended for the position of librarian and served the Lovell Public Library until her health forced her to resign in 1955. Even here (North Big Horn Hospital nursing wing) she is always busy. Evidence of her busyness is her correspondence with missionaries and servicemen throughout the years. She took care of this correspondence for the church, writing 4,000 letters during the 14-year period.

25 years ago, Oct. 5, 1995

The Lovell Chronicle

A 37-year old Lovell man is thankful to be alive thanks to his brother-in-law and emergency personnel. Tom Spiering spent approximately one and a half hours in a siphon spillway of the Lovell Canal Saturday night, Sept. 30, before rescuers were able to get a ladder down the 12-foot cement box to him. Spiering was standing on a rotted plank that broke, and he fell the 12 feet down the cement box with the water spilling on top of him.

10 years ago, Oct. 7, 2010

The Lovell Chronicle

Former Kane residents and descendants of Kane residents are invited to a meeting next week to share and reconstruct memories of the town they once knew. The meeting will be held Tuesday, Oct. 12, at 1 p.m. at the Lovell Senior Center. Meeting organizer Karen Spragg said she already has some scales and stamps from the post office and a cash register from a Kane business, as well as a few other things.