From our files: Park highway faces delays in 1974

100 years ago, Feb. 1, 1924
The Cowley Progress

The Cowley basketball team should not have been deprived of the use of the gymnasium in which to practice as they were this week no matter what else is on. If we expect them to win another state championship, which, of course, we do, they must be given every opportunity to drill, for they are bucking some mighty strong teams this week, and if they lose it will be purely because they were shut out of the gym on account of the show rehearsals. Let’s help them win in every way we can.
75 years ago, Feb. 3, 1949
The Lovell Chronicle

A summary of the 1948 season’s timber cut on the Big Horn National Forest indicates a total harvest of 8,500,000 board feet during the calendar year. Forest supervisor Roy L. Williams estimates that this amount of lumber would be sufficient to construct about 570 houses of average size.
50 years ago, Jan. 31, 1974
The Lovell Chronicle

Tuesday of this week another “winding turn” developed in the construction of the second segment – from Devil Canyon Overlook to Barry’s Landing – when the National Park Service acknowledged that an important section of the environmental impact statement had been omitted by the firm preparing the statement and could result in further delays.
25 years ago, Feb. 4, 1999
The Lovell Chronicle

Although no date was set, the Lovell Town Council voted 3-2 at Monday’s Town Council meeting to allow the people to decide whether to keep the controversial Ordinance 723.
Ordinance 723 was approved at a special meeting on December 23 on the fourth reading of the ordinance. The ordinance made the town manager, chief of police and town treasurer positions “hired” instead of “appointed,” requiring their dismissal to be for cause rather than sole discretion of the mayor.
10 years ago, Jan. 30, 2014
The Lovell Chronicle

The U.S. Forest Service announced Thursday that it is moving forward with the construction of a new building in Greybull that will become the new home of the Medicine Wheel/Paintrock Ranger District office.
Forest Service operations in Big Horn County have been headquartered in Lovell since the merger of the Medicine Wheel and Paintrock districts in 1996. Prior to that, Greybull had been home to the Paintrock operations.
But even after the 1996 merger, Greybull remained the home of the Wyoming Interagency Hot Shot crew. Now, apparently, it’s getting the main office back, too.