Police Report: Dispute between mother and son escalates

The Lovell Police Department received the following calls for the week of December 25 to December 31:
Dec. 25: 3:59 p.m.- At Lovell Apartments on Montana Avenue, a caller reported that her husband had a knife to his throat. The husband left the residence and was located by an officer. The man reported that he was not suicidal and appeared to be in good health.
4:01 p.m.- The caller on Washakie Avenue reported that her son stole her truck without permission. She asked for her son to be evicted from her house because she said he was full of demons. An officer located the vehicle and drove it back to the house. The son left.
7:34 p.m.- The same caller on Washakie Avenue called again and reported that her son was threatening to kill her. Contact was made and the son said that he did not try to kill his mom. The son said his mom was mean and came at him with a knife. He said that he didn’t want anything to do with her. He was carrying a hammer, but he said it was something that he made for a friend.
Dec. 26: 10:50 p.m.- A male at Shoshone Bar and Grill was reportedly threatening customers, asking people in the bar if they wanted to die that night. An officer spoke to patrons who said the man made them uncomfortable. The bartender told the officer he wanted the man out of the bar. The man left and went outside to his SUV parked outside the bar, which had a mattress inside. He said that he would sleep in his car for the night and promised not to go back in the bar. However, when the officer went back outside the bar the man had left in his car. This is the same individual who died in the car crash outside of Deaver later that night.
Dec. 27: 8:53 p.m.- The animal control officer was going to clear ice outside of the Lovell Animal Control Facility on Dudley Dr. when they noticed a missing shovel. They determined from video footage that the shovel was stolen. The shovel was later recovered.
Dec. 28: 3:35 p.m.- A woman who had just been at Maneline Hair and Nail Design reported that when she was walking out to her car another patron left the business, called her by name and started making threats. She could not remember what any of the threats were.
Dec. 30: 9:22 p.m.- A greenish gold sedan was reported to be driving dangerously on Highway 310. The caller said the car was reaching speeds of up to 120 mph and swerving between lanes. The caller said the car later dropped off people in Byron before getting on the highway again, where the car reportedly almost hit the caller while trying to pass them and continued to speed away. The car was reported to be headed toward Basin but could not be located.
Dec. 31: 6:52 a.m.- An employee at Maverik received a call from someone claiming to be from corporate who told the employee to take all the cash from the store, drive to Blair’s Market in Powell and deposit the money in an electronic bank account. Officers intercepted the woman in Powell, who explained that she had been scammed. No charges were pressed.
Note: The calls listed above were received by the Lovell Police Department.  Persons arrested are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and charges made upon initial arrest may be amended or dismissed as determined by the County Attorney.