Sheriff’s report: Too many chickens in Frannie

The Big Horn County Sheriff’s Department received the following calls for the week of January 29 to February 4:
January 29: 1:18 p.m.- A woman was walking her dogs on Road 10.5. Another dog came out and was aggressive. The woman got bit by one of the two dogs but couldn’t determine if it was her dog or the other dog.
January 30: 12:00 a.m.- A fight occurred between a couple who were parked outside of Wyoming 310 Restaurant in Deaver. Screaming and yelling was heard in the background. There was no physical altercation, but the boyfriend broke the car windshield.
09:51 a.m.- A vehicle on 6th Street was reported to be in violation of city ordinance in Frannie. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.
10:01 a.m.- A residence on 4th street in Frannie was found to have one more chicken than the chickens per residence that city ordinance allowed.
January 31: 12:59 a.m.- A suspicious man, who had been wandering through people’s yards, was reported on 5th Street and Birch Street in Frannie. It was determined that the man was living with someone in Frannie, trying to get back on his feet. He was advised to not trespass on others’ property.
12:21 p.m.- Illegal dumping was reported at Frog Rock on Road 5 near Cowley. The Sheriff’s Department is working with Game and Fish on the case as garbage and animal carcasses were dumped. The case is under investigation.
8:13 p.m.- An intoxicated mother with young children was reported to be driving at the Wyoming Port of Entry on Ash St. in Frannie in a white Jeep with Park County plates. She was later pulled over by highway patrol and arrested for a DUI.
February 1: 9:15 a.m.- A caller on Lane 2.5 in Frannie reported that her neighbors livestock dogs kept trespassing onto her property and acting aggressively. The caller reported concerns for her safety and the safety of her livestock. The owner was contacted and said she went immediately to find the dogs and would contact the neighbor. The caller was advised that, even though livestock dogs have special protections under the law, if the animal was threatening and aggressive to her or her livestock, she could shoot it. Because this has been an ongoing problem, the caller was advised to contact an attorney.
6:47 p.m.- A man wearing no shirt and dark pants was reported to be jumping in front of cars at Highway 310 and Lane 10 near Cowley. Officers were unable to locate the man.
February 3: 6:40 p.m.- A dog was hit on Highway 310 and Highway 14A West near Lovell. A deputy arrived, and the dog was deceased. The officer took the dog’s collar, which was blue and had the name “Tootsie” on it to the Lovell Police Department in case someone was looking for their dog.
10:23 p.m.- A caller on S 1st East in Cowley reported four horses in their yard that did not belong to them. The caller corralled the horses, and the horses’ owners were contacted, who came to pick them up.
Note: The calls listed above were received by the Big Horn County Sheriff’s Department. Persons arrested are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and charges made upon initial arrest may be amended or dismissed as determined by the County Attorney.